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Times Scholars program 2020

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About The Scholarship

Times Scholars program is a scheme to encourage students from Class X to Class XII develop a reading habit that helps them in a holistic understanding of our society, environment, and an informed worldview, enabling them to become a good citizen

Scholarship incentives/Rewards

After the final assessment

  • For Class XII: 100 best performing students will be awarded a Dell laptop each.
    Selected students from Class XII will also be eligible for admission in the undergraduate courses at Bennett University with a scholarship for 1 year. Student will need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the university.
  • For Class X and XI: 100 best performing students will be awarded a Dell laptop each.


Students of classes X to XII can apply for this programme in two different levels, which are defined below. These levels constitute two categories in which participants will be evaluated.

Level 1 – Students from Classes X and XI
Level 2 – Students of Classes XII

The programme is free for all candidates.

How to Apply

Students of Class X to Class XII apply by visiting Website:


Reading phase: from 25-10-2019 Times of India newspaper will carry one article each day, in its print version, across a range of fields such as current affairs, science & Technology, sports, politics, social issues, education, global developments etc. over a span of 50 days. These articles provide multi-dimensional perspectives to help students get deeper understanding of various interested subjects. Articles will have a label TIMES SCHOLARS

Practice Tests and Presentations
Weekly practice tests will be conducted online, with questions based on the article. Each practice test will comprise 3 stories, each with 6 questions, to be answered in 6 minutes.

Final Examination: Between 21-12-2019 to 23-12-2019 there will an online test followed by interview to assess the students understanding and perspective.

Next is first short list and interviews.
Winners and facilitation.

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