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The Scholarship For different students
Scholarship is a way to uplift and provide monetary benefits for the bright students:

Various Central and State Schemes for Scholarships:

Pre Matric Scholarship scheme
– This Scheme of scholarship is for students studying from 1st Class to 10th Class.

Post Matric Scholarship scheme
– This scholarship scheme is for students studying from 11th and 12th (I PUC, II PUC) and Courses like ITI, B.SC, B.Com, B.Tech, Medical etc.

Top Class scholarship Scheme
– This scheme of scholarship is for students studying in top level colleges across India such as IITs and IIMs.

Merit cum Means (MCM) Scholarship Scheme
– This scheme of Scholarship if for students doing Technical and Professional Courses at Graduation level and Post Graduation Level.

AMP Higher Education Scholarship 2021

AMP Higher Education Scholarship 2021 AMP Higher Education Scholarship 2021 is an initiative of the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) with the noble intention of helping needy Muslim brethren. The purpose of this Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to genuinely needy Students for Higher & Professional Education. Scholarship Benefit: Rs.10,000 P. A will be given as a scholarship to

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Directorate of Minorities under the Minority Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka, has announced a one-time incentive of Rs. 2 Lakhs for the full course duration to the Students of Minority Communities (Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Parsis) of Karnataka who is pursuing higher education in IIT, IIIT, IIM, NIT, IISER, AIIMS, NLU, INI & IUSLA and other Institutes of National

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Sashakt Scholarship 2021 (Dr Reddy’s Foundation)

Dr Reddy’s Foundation is a non-profit organization set up in 1996 to help socially and economically weaker groups of society. Dr Reddy’s Foundation offers Sashakt Scholarship 2021 to encourage young women across India to prepare for and pursue a career in science. It provides a level playing ground to girl students, especially from rural India and low socioeconomic backgrounds, to

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Special Incentive for B.Ed/D.Ed Karnataka Minority Students 2020-21

Special incentives of Rs.25,000/-(incentive will be provided for 2 years i.e Maximum Amount of Rs 50000/- for full course period) to Students pursuing higher education in B.Ed.& D.Ed courses in Government/ Para-Government and Private Colleges and belonging to Minority Communities such as Muslim, Christian, Jain, Sikh, Buddhist and Parsi students Special promotion is mandated to provide each year (maximum 2

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Medhavi National scholarship scheme

Medhavi National scholarship scheme under the Medhavi Mission is an initiative by the Human Resources & Development Mission which was established in 2014 The online exam system is going to benefit candidates in many ways. The exam will be conducted online, unlike other online exam; it can be accessed from any android device at any location having internet connection Types

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