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Pre Matric

This Scheme of scholarship is for students studying from 1st Class to 10th Class.

Ujjwal Bhavishya Scholarship 2022-23

Ujjwal Bhavishya is a programme that provides financial assistance to students that are unable to complete their studies due to financial constraints.The primary goal of the Ujjwal Bhavishya Scholarship is to eliminate unemployment and poverty in India. People who have passed the 10th board fill out the V Mart Ujjwal Bhavishya application form online at Ujjwal Bhavishya. Eligibility Criteria

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Medhavi National scholarship scheme

Medhavi National scholarship scheme under the Medhavi Mission is an initiative by the Human Resources & Development Mission which was established in 2014 The online exam system is going to benefit candidates in many ways. The exam will be conducted online, unlike other online exam; it can be accessed from any android device at any location having internet connection Types

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