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RTE Admission guidelines & Documents required

Important Instructions for Parents for RTE Admission
Right to Education Karnataka
RTE Admission Guidelines:

1. Government issued order dated 18-03-2013, identifying the weaker section and disadvantaged group and fixing the maximum annual income limit up to 3.5 Lakhs

2. Age of the Child: A Child Should be in the age group of 6-14 years for seeking Free Compulsory Education under RTE.

  • For Pre-schooling the Child should be in the Age Group of 3 years 10 months to 4 years 10 months for LKG
  • For 1st Grade/Standard Child should be 5 years 10 months to 6 years 10 months as of 1st of June of the Academic year as per provisions of Section 20 of the Karnataka Education Act-1993 R/W the right of Children to Free and compulsory Education Act-2009.
  • This Age limit applies from the year 2016-17 to children seeking admission under RTE Act.

3. Neighborhood: The Provision regarding Neighborhood schools specified in Rule-4 of the Karnataka Right of Children to Free and compulsory Education Rules-2012 apply to such admissions.
Rural Area: Approved school which is within walking distance of the child,  1 k.m from the habitation/village for classes I to V and 3km in case of upper/higher primary classes including class VIII.
Urban Area: In Urban area, the area of the neighborhood shall be the area of the ward notified for the purpose of governance of the local authority. Distance of 1 km will not apply in urban areas.

An approved school for the purpose of these Rules means a school under the management of the State government or a local authority, an aided school receiving grants to meet whole or part of its expenses from the government or the local authority, and an unaided school.

4. Parents residing in the neighborhood can apply maximum in Five (5) schools giving preference only to schools located in the neighborhood.

5. Admission under RTE quota can be sought only in a neighborhood school. In urban areas a municipal ward constitutes the neighborhood, whereas in rural are of 1 km from a habitation or village will constitute the neighborhood.

6. In Urban areas if a ward has Govt. School, Aided School and Unaided RTE quota school (School without minority educational institution status) parents residing in the neighborhood can apply/may seek admission for their children in any such schools in that ward including admission in the unaided school under RTE quota.

7. If a ward has only Government school/ or Aided school but does not has an unaided RTE quota school, parents residing in the neighborhood cannot seek admission for their children under rTE quota in any unaided school outside the ward.

8. Only in case where the ward does not have any school, parents residing in that ward may seek admission for their children under RTE quota in an unaided school in neighborhood ward.

Documents/ Proof needed:

1. Income Proof: Income proof should be submitted only by the parents not belonging to Scheduled cast (SC) or Scheduled Tribe or Category-I communities. Parents belonging to SC or ST or Category -I shall submit caste certificate.

2. Residential Proof: For the establishment of place of establishment residence of parents, they should submit details (House No., Address, and locality) of their EPIC Card (Election/Voter ID) OR Aadhaar Card or Aadhaar Enrollment Acknowledgement slip., No other document for establishment of residence will be accepted.

3. Birth certificate of the child

4. Parents can provide the details of the residential/income proof in online form, No need to upload copies of the residence proof or income proof.

5. In case of some mistake or incorrect information uploaded by the parents, they will be informed via SMS on their mobile phone, and giving 3-5 days time to correct the mistake online.

6. Disadvantaged Group and Weaker Section:
Following groups of persons/parents are identified by Government notification that child belonging to disadvantaged group:

1. Orphan
2. HIV affected/Infected Child
3. Transgender
4. Child with special needs
5. Migrant and street child.
6. Scheduled Caste (SC)
7. Scheduled Tribe (ST)
8. Category-I
9. Category II A
10. Category II B

rte admissions eligibility banner

Weaker sections: Sections of society will be given preference in admission to the private schools while filling up seats under the 25 per cent quota as per the Right to Education Act. Children of parents whose earnings is Rs. 1 lakh or below per annul come under this category.

Then, students whose parents or guardians earn anywhere between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 3.5 lakh per annum would be considered for admission.

Children Belonging to Categories in Sl. No. 1-5 residing in neighborhood shall be given admission directly under RTE quota at 1st instance without going to lottery process.

Admission Procedure:
To Apply for Karnataka RTE Admission, please read the following:

  • Online Registration: Students have to register online at the RTE Karnataka website i.e:
  • Scrutiny of Applications: Eligible students list will be published online after applications are scrutinized at the official website of RTE Karnataka.
  • Admission process: Selection for the admission will complete according to seats, if student quantity is higher than seats then the list of selected candidates will be made via lottery method in front of a person and will be declared by the State Education Department.
  • Confirmation of Admission: Students when selected under RTE, should submit their original certificates which are asked for, their admission is confirmed at that time.

Last Edited: Feb 21st 2018 at 07:40 a.m


  1. Gopal

    My son is studied till 5 th under RTE quota,now we shifted to other taluk.can he get fee concession?

  2. Archana

    Sir,Nan magldu rte quota seat sikkide school change madoke enadru process idya sir pls rply sir

    1. Webmaster Author

      neevu dyabittu rte officer contact maadi, late madd badi

  3. Anand

    when the rte second round results will be announced

  4. Renuka

    Sir iam RENUKA nanu police constbel Nana magalige RTE nali site sigutha. Nana anul incom 192000 ede heli plz

    1. Webmaster Author

      Annual income 350000 walage idre sigutte. Nevu apply yaake madilla? last date 15-04-2017 hag hogide.

  5. Stella

    Is IT possible if i apply on 17.4.2017 because cast certificate update is pending as on 15.4.2017

    1. Senthil S

      Even I have the same question if I can apply for my daughter now in RTE QUOTA please advise

  6. hassain

    sir migrant and street child is two diffrence both are one

    1. Webmaster Author

      Street child admission is direct, why are you asking this? a Migrant and street child or a child who is from street.

  7. Lubnazkhan

    Urgntly reply sir..can we again apply fr rte fr my child…bcoz frstly he s studying under rte

    1. Webmaster Author

      Now what happened? there is a age limit for rte.

  8. varamahalakshmi

    respected sir,
    my child comes under 3A category , can we apply for rte, in the year 2017-2018

    1. Webmaster Author

      Last date to apply is 15/04/2017 so kindly apply before the date gets over. If your income is less than the prescribed income in the guidelines then yes.

  9. Priyanka

    Nanu udupi inda. ..namdu aadhar card address perdoor ide ,now we staying at manipal,so namge manipal school admission madbahuda…… Or naau maguvina aadhar address matra change maadbahuda

    1. Webmaster Author

      Aadhaa card alli en address ide aa address matra apply agutte, athawa neu address change madaebku adikke eewaga time illa, last date is 15-04-2017

  10. Dhanu

    Sir, in my daughter’s aadhar card, the address is ramamurthy nagar, 560016…..For rte enrollment,if we enter the same address, it is showing as address not matched….
    Please let me know the reason

  11. Rahamath khan

    Sir i have successfully submitted the rte application for my daughter but i have done mistake in ward selection please suggest what to do

  12. Rajeshwari

    nanu dharmasthaladhalli job maduththiddu, nanna magala adhar card address mathra bandaru village lli ide. magalannu lkg ge dharmasthaladhalli serisalu avala adhar card urin addresslli ide. RTE apply madalu aguththa

    1. Webmaster Author

      aadhaar card address matte nimma present address and rte school select madtiwalla ad ella same irbeku.

  13. Maruti

    Sir. income cast certificate student hesarinallirbeko? Or Parents hesarinallirbeko?

    1. Webmaster Author

      Parents, student en income errrute?

  14. manjunatha

    sir nan magalige 30.05.13 dob ide cat-2 cast ide cast income beka

    1. Webmaster Author

      Income certificate madkondgre walledu,.

  15. m bharath

    in online selected 3 school can we go to other ward and select school, if so how to do

  16. Rohit

    How can I edit rte submitted form.. I want to add school.


    sir nan magalige next year RTE seat ge aply madabeku ankondidini adre avlu handy cap ondu kalu lenthwise short ede RTE seat aply madbahuda

    1. Webmaster Author

      Yes mada bahudu, infact nimma magalige direct admission sigutte, because she falls in special category

  18. Vinayak Mirajkar

    Hello Sir/ Madam,
    I am the resident of Bailhongal & currently staying in Hubli for job purpose.
    1. In my adhar card my bailhongal adddress is there but if i want to apply for RTE school in Hubli , will my child be eliziable?
    2. if i submit caste certificate issued by bailhongal authority is it fine or will i need to get from local hubli authority.

    1. Webmaster Author

      It is difficult you should have updated the address in aadhaar, because the system check for Aadhaar address if not matching then it will not proceed further.

  19. m.bharath

    how about adopted baby if am Brahman in which category will it come

    1. Webmaster Author

      I’m sorry no Idea, you may have to contact RTE Office for this.

  20. Nasi

    Sir iam not getting locality of schools to my pincode can u please say which school are for LKG my pincode is 560036

  21. Nasi

    Sir can i apply on last 10th april

    1. Webmaster Author

      Last date is April 10th. Apply as soon as possible

  22. farhana ritesh

    Dear Sir,
    I am trying to help my maid with her daughter’s application. Please guide me as to where to submit the application form. We are in Bangalore South, Agara Colony, Kengeri Hobli, Bengaluru 560062.

    1. Webmaster Author

      You need to read the guide lines properly and apply online, last date is 10th April 2017

  23. Sriram

    Sir we have aadhaaramgaa card from andhrapradesh. My son was born here in bangalore and he is registered in bangalore. We do not have voter id or ration card. We only have hp gas connection. Pl help us how to apply for rte?

    1. Webmaster Author

      Aadhaar card compulsory ide, mate aadhaar card should have the present local residence address, if not then it is not possible, please change ur aadhaar address and then try.

  24. prashant

    Sir my brother is working in crpf but his family is staying in Kalburgi with me and my brother all documents are in my native village of dhangapure. Now he child is able to aplly rte admision

    1. Webmaster Author

      Whatever the address he has in Aadhaar that is what is used for rte application, so kindly apply for that.

  25. Munirathnam V

    what is the last date of Application?

    1. Webmaster Author

      Last date extended upto 10-04-017

  26. daivik

    Sir nanna magana dob14/3/2013,rate apply madoke aadhar kaddayavagi beka?finger print copy ide,aadre adanna check madidre rejected anta torsutte nav Ade number itkondu aply madbahuda dayavittu tilisi

    1. Webmaster Author

      Aadhaar copy nimdu mate nimma magana idre saaku online apply madakke.

  27. AJAY

    I got Aadhaar in bangalore for all my family members.I belong to SC.My son caste certificate was taken from my home town at Andrapradesh.WHile applying RTE online his caste certificate is not taken by the system.DO I need to get caste certificate from Bangalore and apply RTE?
    Now I am running short of time.How to go about?
    Why there is no upload option for caste certificate .

    Please tell me how to go about?

    1. Webmaster Author

      To apply online, you only need Aadhaar no. of any of the parent and child. On later stage Certificate will be checked.

  28. A.raja

    My son have SCcertificate from Andrapradesh.can he apply with that certificate.His aadhaar is from Bangalore.

    1. Webmaster Author

      If you have aadhaar from Bengaluru address, you can apply. Also please contact nearest RTE Office.

  29. Shankar

    While applying RTE application form, It Asks about Preferred Schools in Residing Ward / Village And Preferred Schools in Adjoining Ward ?.. What are the difference of both?.. Plz Tell me sir.. i little bit confused…

    1. Webmaster Author

      Yes please select the preferred schools in your ward/village and adjoining ward/village, this is incase if your preferred school has too few or does not have seats and adjoining ward/village has you may be selected there. So Kindly read the Guidelines document please.

  30. Shankar

    Can I change my ward number after my RTE application is over.. If yes please sent the link…

  31. Devaraja

    Sir, my child’s adharcard address is tumkur district (as my native). But we are residing at madavara, Bangalore north district. So can we apply in Bangalore north schools? While Application time which are all documents required?

    1. Webmaster Author

      Yes I think but all documents and aadhaar address should be at your place of residence not tumakuru district.

  32. Annapurna B P

    Can 3A category n CBSE board student apply for RTE ??

  33. Prasanna

    Sir .. Am prasanna.. I have no birthcerificate of my kids for LKG.. BUT hospital reference copy is available.. Can I Apply RTE…

    1. Webmaster Author

      Please make proper birth certificate it wont take much time, for now you should have Aadhaar no. to apply.

  34. kusuma

    Sir my husband has another number in the aadhar card but nw v r not using that number so ‘ve have to change da number or we will get the msg for present number

    1. Webmaster Author

      If you have aadhaar no. that is sufficient to apply with your son/daughter no.

  35. Ganesh.

    sir, one of neighbour daughter studying in sixth standard in private school . but they are very poor . so, will she eligible to apply for seventh std under RTE act.

    1. Webmaster Author

      Admissions are conducted only for LKG and 1st Std. However please contact neared BEO/RTE officer

  36. Lubnaz

    Fr rte Can i apply incom caste acknowledgement sir pls reply me .

    1. Webmaster Author

      What do you mean? To apply online and get acknowledgement no. you need Aadhaar no.

  37. Arshiya sultana

    How can a child get RTE application even though he is not eligible to get because off his birth month is different even when he is born in same year which the government has announced to be at that age limit

    1. Webmaster Author

      Govt. has released notification and guidelines for admitting children’s under RTE and one of the eligibility requirement for LKG is the date of birth should be Between: 01/08/2012 – 31/07/2013

  38. sharath

    hello sir, i am going to apply for RTE for my cousin, but he don’t have caste and income certificate.

    1. Webmaster Author

      adu apply maadi tago bahudu, sadhyakke neu apply maadi aadhaar no. idre iewaga saaku

      1. sharath

        hello sir,
        is this rte is only for those who stayed in Bangalore?
        we have our native(udupi) address in our aadhaar card, so we can’t apply, since it takes the address on the aadhaar card and processes.
        is there any solution for this?
        can we apply by alternate methods?

        1. Webmaster Author

          You can apply on the address that is there in the Aadhaar card/no. hence you cannot apply in bengaluru, how ever you may change the aadhaar address and apply again, please be sure that last to apply is nearing.

  39. Gangadhar

    sir my child age is 5 years 7month,is she aligible for to apply under RTE???

    1. Webmaster Author

      Your Child Date of birth should be between: 01/08/2010 – 31/07/2011 to be eligible for 1st Admission

  40. jagadish kumar


    I would like apply application. Please guide me. Where should I get application forms. I heard we have to apply online…shall we visit any browsing centres ?

    Pls advise.



  42. Pushpalata R Kadam

    Hi sir, As my daughter’s DOB is 08/08/2013 and if i apply online it is showing that For lkg dob between 01/08/2012 to 31/07/2013 what it means sir and application is not taking only as in eligibility check it is showing she is eligible to put for RTE application sir, so please help me sir….

    1. Webmaster Author

      Your date of birth should be between : 01/08/2012 – 31/07/2013 for LKG

  43. Shankar

    Whether the date of online application for RTE Act of 2017-18 started in Karnataka State?

    1. Ashish B

      Last date 31/03/2017

      1. Shankar

        Thank you. Sir

  44. savitha

    Sir i wanted to apply for d schools in other ward(which is near to our ward) can we apply sir, pls reply me back sir

    1. Webmaster Author

      You can apply to other wards, Only in case where the ward does not have any school

  45. Shankar

    Hello sir my Sister’s son D.O.B is 31/Aug/2010 in a birth certificate. but in adhar card 31/Aug/2011. so which year i need to be modify? plz help me sir…

    1. Webmaster Author

      Your date of birth in birth certificate is Correct, modify Aadhaar DOB, and Birth certificate has more value for date of birth verification

      1. Shankar

        If they (RTE Officer) considered birth certificate (D.O.B). Whether this guy is eligible for RTE Act or not? sir

      2. Shankar

        Whether the date of online application for RTE Act of 2017-18 started in Karnataka State?

    2. Dinesh

      Change date of birth by submitting birth certificate in aadhar card by online it will take 3 to 4 days

      1. Shankar

        Thanks for your concern. (Sir)..

  46. Sadiq

    Last date for RTE admission

  47. KAMALA

    After submission Aadhar Number its not taking validate & its showing address do not match. please help out what to be done for making process

    1. Webmaster Author

      Please make sure that the ward you chose and aadhaar no. address both are same otherwise it will show address mismatch.

      1. Shankar

        If address is not same (address mismatch) so what we can do? It’s fault of RTE Officers they should need to solve.. These kind of stuffs…

        1. Webmaster Author

          You need to change the address to match the Aadhaar address or change Aadhaar address

    2. Shankar

      Yes sister i also facing same problem.. you need to register the complaint regarding address mismatch… And u need to give the correct details of address according to Aadhar Card details…

  48. Ayyappa

    Sir, nanna freind ‘C’ group emplay.avanu tanna family jotege adhaar card nallina address nalli vaasisade job perpose bere town nalli vaasaviddaane. But baadige maneyalliddaane.address proof iruvudilla.Rte cotaadalli aply maadalu baruttadeye? Child birth date 20-11-2011. present studied-ukg

  49. Syeda Gousia

    Sir my daughter DISTRICT 18 Oct 2011…for which class I apply for rte

    1. Webmaster Author

      Your daughter will be 5 years 9 months, she needs to be 5 years 10 months to be eligible for Class I, please try with any RTE Office and see if they accept.

  50. Asha

    Sir English medium ge RTE application akbahuda

  51. Bala Krishna

    Sir I am trying to submit online rte application for my daughter from last 6 days, but unable to submit the applicatuon, because in application select school coloumn not showing for select schools and submit the application, it is showing error in servor, what is the issue, pls help me on this..

  52. Hemavathi R

    I have applied for RTE when it is in trial purpose.
    application number:001984.
    Now on reality i could not able to apply.

    Kindly replay to my mail how i can apply for RTE.

    Please help.

    BR, Hema

  53. Ningaraju S N

    sir my sister son is live in grandmother home is there no our parents home,so i have apply rte admission but i have submit in address prof in present address or permanent address tell me sir

  54. Harish

    Sir nanna magala huttida dinanka 03-08-2013. Nimma eligibility prakara eligible iddare.. but on-line prakara 3 Dina shortage iddare.. plz sahara maadi.

  55. asha


  56. asha

    hi sir my daughter is eligible to RTE.birth.30/05/2011 her 1 standard, To apply to please mention the date.

    1. Webmaster Author

      Please wait you can apply when RTE forms are available online.

  57. dwaraka

    application same for LKG & 1STD or any different. how to apply online/offline pls send procedure.

  58. Ganga

    Sir my daughter DOB is 27/9/2013 plz advice me she is eligible for LKG under rte

  59. Barnabas

    DOB of my child is August 22, 2013, only 22 days less. what should I do?

  60. Asha

    Hi Sir
    Tumukur dist ,Kunigal Taluk RTE Online Apllication Date Please

    1. Webmaster Author

      Currently it is for testing purpose only, wait for few days

  61. K sridharmurthy

    Sir for my child now 5yrs 6month but in rte rule 5yrs 8month if we eligible to apply rte

    1. Webmaster Author

      All the guidelines for RTE admission are already there, Child needs to be 5 years 10 months for admission to 1st Std. As per the Guidelines.

  62. Nazeerahamad

    My child date of birth 02/08/2011 can I eligible 1std rte apply

  63. Bharath Singh G

    my son DOB 1.11.2011 . he is elgible for 1st std under RTE admission

  64. Ishrath

    Rte admission date pls

  65. Shankar Reddy.B

    My daughter Date of birth 04.08.2013, she is eligible for RTE LKG Admission

  66. Sangeetha

    Hello my t apply for admission of ths year how would I apply plz help me out of ths

    1. Webmaster Author

      What is your location (State)?

  67. Rahul

    Hi – I am trying to help my maid with this (for her daughter). where do we apply online? And if there is no online portal, can you please help with the offline application process?

    1. Webmaster Author

      Please mention the location/state so that We can help you out. Each state has a different application method.

  68. mustaq

    my son is 1.11.2011 under obc he is elgible for 1st std under RTE admission and alrdy i hve filled d form online wht is nxt procedure i dnt know so plz help me rly soon

    1. Webmaster Author

      Please do mention the location of yours so that people who are reading your valuable comment get a decent idea.

      1. mustaq

        sir. mam. my location as hose no.334 laxmi galli modge belagavi sir & mam

  69. Harish

    My daughter date of birth is 3-8-2013: my caste is scheduled caste. She is eligible for rte

    1. Webmaster Author

      Yes eligible.! Check our RTE eligibility Checking tool for more information

  70. Harish

    My daughter date of birth is 3-8-2013: my caste is scheduled caste. She is eligible for eye..

  71. divakar

    i mean parent income ceiling to admit their child under OBC quota

    1. Webmaster Author

      Please check the Income limit is clearly mentioned above.

  72. divakar

    what is the income limit to obc catogery admissions

    1. Venkatesh

      Sir my child DOB is 14-7-2014 she eligible for apply under RTE?

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