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Engineering graduates can now teach in Karnataka Govt. Schools

The state government’s decision to open the teaching profession in primary and secondary schools to techies has come as a major surprise in the midst of complaints about shrinking career opportunities for those who study pure science and humanities.

Engineering TET Karnataka

The state government amended the Department of Primary and Secondary Education’s Cadre and Recruitment (C&R) Rules to allow engineering graduates to take the Teachers Eligibility Test (TET).
The provision will take effect with the next TET exam.

Because TET eligibility is required for appointment at state government schools, the department’s move is likely to benefit those with an engineering background.

There was no provision in the previous rules for engineering graduates to appear for TET; we have amended that rule, according to an official.

Though a BEd degree is required for teaching, department sources say engineering graduates may be exempt from this requirement.
“Given the number of vacancies for Mathematics and Science subjects, we are considering exempting engineering graduates who want to write TET and teach in government schools from compulsory BEd,” said a department official.

The number of candidates passing TET is expected to increase starting this year, as engineering graduates will find it easier to pass subjects like Mathematics and Science.

There are currently over 20,000 teacher vacancies in state government schools, and only 3,000 were appointed during the department’s two-year drive to recruit 10,000 teachers.

The TET 2021 was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the department intends to hold the TET 2022 soon.

According to data, the number of candidates who are eligible for TET is very low.

The total number of candidates taking both paper 1 and paper 2 during TET 2021 was 2,31,886.
Only 4,074 of these candidates were eligible, representing a 19% success rate.