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Alternate/Open Schools

What is Open Schooling/ Distance learning Schools?

Alternate Schools/ Open Schooling/e-learning/distance learning is beneficial for someone who wish to study from the comfort of their home it is helpful and excellent. Its beneficial for anyone who wants to study at home.

Alternative schools are a viable option that has been created, developed, completely implemented, evaluated, and copied successfully, These methods can truly be considered as a global educational revolution.

When it comes to education, many students are choosing to walk off the main path for a variety of reasons. Open school boards and open learning institutions in India provide the autonomy and adaptability to learn at one’s own speed.

Home schooled children who want to take milestone exams for admission to graduate or diploma programmes, children seeking professional sports or other careers, youngsters with special needs, kids who are unable to struggle with a second language, and those who want to avoid the rigours of traditional academic curricula can all benefit from the open education system.

Online Schools

  1. The National Institute of Open Schooling
  2. Wolsey Hall Oxford
  3. K8 School
  4. AOL School
  5. Cyboard School
  6. 21K School
  7. The Virtual School India
  8. The Class of One
  9. Online Schooling
  10. System for Alternative Schooling and Education
  11. Spruha Virtual Education
  12. The Virtual School
  13. The Real School

To reach the unreached, open schooling employs open, remote, and online means to increase access to secondary schooling. It can teach skills for employment and entrepreneurship and can be done at a low cost and on a large scale. 


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