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Fresher or College graduate job guide

Life After Graduation

Life after Graduation

Awesome Now you are graduating. All the Best and Hearty Congratulations. You are here at the right place at the right time, I will discuss some of the things and best tips for your first step towards professional career and the life after college.

College graduate job guide

Do you feel Nervous, sick, undecided? calm down this is normal and something when you are in for a job hunt and the excitement of a New job and new friends at the x company, or trying to find a suitable job, or facing a hard time in the interview.

The Good Thing [ Good News ]

With market boom in India there is much need for employees, recruiters are always looking out to find the best available in the market. What are you? yes what are you? Where do you stand? do you stand to get a job? Yes you do. Be confident present you’re self with confidence to the recruiter / employer, employers are not going to just hand you a job with top starting pay, never expect something more then what you deserve.
You still have to market yourself. Which also includes responding to moronic inquiries for which there are no perfect responses, such as, “Tell me about yourself.”, “What are your future plans” , “How you want to contribute to the growth of this company”, “Which is your favorite city”, etc..

The Bad Thing [ Bad News ]

It isn’t really too bad if you’re well prepared for it. Don’t graduate from college just to enroll in the School of Hard Knocks! It’s no secret that the Web is now one of the best ways to prepare for and conduct your job search. That’s what this feature is all about.

Start Hunting [ Get the Right Job ]

To start hunting for jobs, you have to know what kind of job you want. Which field best suite you. Are you good at marketting? developing an application? or testing a already developed application. It is very Important to have a clear idea about what you are looking for and what you can get.

Example [ A Common Mistake ]: Spent four, grueling years getting a computer science degree, so naturally I want a computer job!
Put something generic like the one above in your cover letter, and you’ll be lucky to make it to the interview.

Thing is, there would be various different jobs in a single industry/Category. When you decide to apply for a job, you’re not applying for a Industry/Category, you’re applying for a One particular/Specific job. Learn something about it, ask friends or some one who is already in working in the similar field Or Simply Ask Professor Google  and find out how to market yourself for it [ Selling your self to Employer’s is as important as buying a smartphone i.e one small mistake could cost you a job with a lot less pay, be on your toes and be reasonable ]. Employers expect you to be more specific and be more precise when it comes to job related schedule and the day is not far off when they ask exact job you are going to do in precise amount of time and HOW and more importantly how that relates to them and how it benefits them after all they are in business.

The Above put together article/tips/guide can be a starter for fresh / college graduates you might read and find something helpful or you might just read and forget it. You need not follow what I have written above but in most cases the above is the best way to approach for a new graduate.

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