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Online Courses

Online Courses, Where Eligible and interested Candidates can enroll for a online course/project, research etc.

Microsoft Course: IT Support Hardware Essentials

A Free Course conducted online by Edx offered by Microsoft on IT Support: Hardware Essentials, in this course you will learn the basics of computer devices, components, storage, displays and connection interfaces. Computing devices: Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones etc.Computer Components: CPU i.e Processor, Memory (RAM), Storage, GPU, Power Supplies etc, as well as peripheral devices such as Storage devices

Superconductivity brief Course

Superconductivity brief Course, deals with basics of superconductivity, including Meissner effect, electrodynamic response, -type-I and type-II superconductors etc. Qualifications: B.Tech (Material Science) and M.Sc (Physics, Material Science) and PhD students, lecturers (Solid state Physics) CORE/ELECTIVE: Elective UG/PG: PG Prerequisites: Solid State Physics Course Layout: (Week) 1 : Principles of Superconductivity London equations Penetration depth, Coherence Length 2 : Type-I and

Human Molecular Genetics

NPTEL: Human Molecular Genetic About the Course: It is a Course designed for students who are in the Undergraduate or Masters Programs, interested in biomedical research, genetic counseling, medicine and clinical genetics. Core/Elective: Elective UG/PG: Both UG/PG Pr-requisites: Participants should at least have class 12 level understanding in genetics Course Layout:1. Fundamentals of central dogma (DNA, RNA and proteins; mutations),