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Editorial Guidelines

Freshershome Editorial guidelines

Editorial guidelines for freshershome, which keeps track of education news, scholarship updates in News, Education, Scholarship, Exam results, Sarkari Jobs.

Although we are not a participant, But freshershome will adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Trust Project, an initiative to standardize signals of trustworthiness across the web.

For more information about “Trust Project” Please visit the website

Publishing Principles
Accuracy and Truth
Protecting Privacy
Professional responsibility
Feedback policy

Sources and Attribution:

  • We use website links, if available, for source attribution of online stories.
  • Source attribution are included in online stories themselves along with links, if available, that provide additional information.
  • Consistently include all attribution throughout the story/article, even if it is established as fact.


  • We will not original change quotes in any way.
  • We will use full quotes or paraphrase them, if necessary.


  • We review every comments by every commenter
  • Potentially bad language or hate comments are edited or we removed them completely.
  • We permit comments on articles that suite/require user comments.
  • No anonymous comments are permitted.
  • Only when required by the law enforcement, we access and identify the registered commenter.

Publishing Principles
We adhere to the principles

Accuracy and Truth

  • We will never mislead our audience knowing and deliberately, the fundamental purpose is to relay facts in an objective manner, without distorting, exaggerating or censuring.
  • Ensure reliable sources, make clear to our audience who and what are our sources,
  • Correct any errors that may appear due to human error, make easy for audience to report any errors.

Protecting Privacy
We respect right to privacy of individuals, we do not disclose individuals, names, private life’s, communications, documents unless there is a compelling reason to disregard the requirements of the principle of privacy in order to serve the greater good.

We are transparent with our editorials, we own up to the errors, if bought to our attention, we will correct them immediately, we do not mislead audience with wrong information.

Professional responsibility
We will abide by the copyrights of individuals or organizations.
We do not plagiarize or violate copyrights.

Feedback Policy

Freshershome values its readers, care greatly about what they think. To help our readers provide us with feedback about what they think and identify success we have had or what improvements we need, we provide various avenues to our readers to provide feedback.
It includes a purpose specific email address, responding to email sent by readers with feedback, providing a contact form for readers to provide feedback.

Freshershome collects valuable feedback from it’s readers and appreciates it very much, help us know about your feedback please use the Contact us page.

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