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CBSE Class X and XII 2019 exam dates Announced


The date sheets for the CBSE 2019 Board exams for Class X and XII was released on 23/12/2018. The Central Board of Secondary Education said that they have ensured students get time between exams and the dates do not coincide with competitive examinations, and have also kept in mind the admission schedule of Delhi University.

  1. The duration of time for each paper has been indicated in the date-sheet.
  2. Duration of time for each subject/paper as given on the question paper be followed meticulously.
  3. Answer books would be distributed to candidates between 10.00 – 10.15 A.M.
  4. Candidates would write their particulars on the answer book
  5. Particulars shall be checked and signed by Assistant Superintendent(s)
  6. Question paper will be distributed at 10.15 A.M.
  7. From 10.15 -10.30 A.M.(15 minutes) candidates shall read the question paper
  8. Candidates would plan proper strategy to write the answers
  9. At 10.30 A.M., candidates will start writing the answers
  10. Practical examination in respect of private candidates (female and Patrachar Vidyalaya candidates
    appearing 1st time will be held at the theory examination centres unless otherwise notified.
  11. Private candidates should contact the Principal of the school of their theory examination centres for date
    and time of practical examination before theory examination is over. Practical examination should be
    completed before 5th April, 2019 in respect of private/ Pantrachar candidates.
  12. Result of the examination is likely to be declared by first week of June 2019.

The CBSE 12th Board Exams begin from February 15 2019 and for CBSE Class 10 the board examinations begin from February 21 2019.

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Parents and students are advised to visit the official website if CBSE, for future updates and any clarification, For updates and date sheet please visit website